28 Nov

Customer Notice Regarding Parking

A new car park entry control system is now in force, as implemented by the landlords of the building, and which will mainly affect the weekends.

The aim of the system is to give exclusive access only to customers of Light House and tenants of the building and to prevent anyone else from entering the car park. It is also aimed at eliminating fly-tipping, which has been occurring of late, and to prevent general misuse of the car park.

The barrier controlling the car park will come down on Friday evening at 9pm and remain down all weekend. Therefore, customers who require access to the car park will need to either telephone box office on 01902 716055 upon arrival, or pop in briefly to box office to request the barrier to be raised for entry.

The car park is obviously still subject to availability of space on a first come first served basis.

Weekdays access times remain the same, with the car park only available to tenants of the building until 6pm. Then it will be up until 9pm when it come down each night.

To exit the car park you need only pull up to the barrier and a sensor raises the barrier.

We thank you in advance for your patience as everyone gets used to the new system and hope it does not cause too much inconvenience.

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