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In 2017, our technical and cinema manager JAS KAPUR was named one of the 100 Masters of The Black Country, meaning he has been officially recognised as being at the top of his profession in projection.

Here are some of the kind letters we have received about Jas:
From: Zebra Access & Zebra Uno August 2017

Light House is the venue for our annual Deaf Film and Arts Festival Deaffest www.deaffest.co.uk and as organisers we have worked with Jas to deliver an amazing 12 festivals, making Deaffest the longest running Deaf Film and Arts Festival in the UK.
Each year, at the end of every successful event, we email Jas to tell him that once again, he is our hero. So, on his achieving a place amongst the 100 Masters, here are our reasons why:
Jas is a true expert and craftsman in his field of film projection, but he is much more than that. He is someone who literally sees the bigger picture (no pun intended!) and the role which Light House plays in the city’s culture. His multiple talents mean that you will find him at every level – the go to man for things like running electrical cables for stalls on the courtyard, to negotiating with multi-million film companies. And more importantly for Wolverhampton, tirelessly championing the Light House itself through fraught times with funding difficulties.
Our company directors and most of our staff are deaf, and from this point of view Jas is an amazing person to work with, both for his professional and personal qualities. Communication is never a problem. He is generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise with our own media staff who have picked up invaluable projection skills from him. We collaborate with Jas in the run up to, during and after the festival, which allows us to iron out any issues and ensures a top-quality experience for our visitors. He does not just represent the venue; he feels like one of our team, he is invested in what we do.

Our festival attracts thousands of visitors from the UK and across the globe, and as with all large events we get our fair share of the inevitable unforeseen mishaps! Jas is one of those people who never panics when things go wrong. He is level headed, quick thinking, good humoured and downright cool. Which in our book are the qualities of a proper hero. Someone you would want on your team in any venture, situation, or even zombie apocalypse. So our verdict is, when you’ve got a big international film and arts festival to deliver, no matter how many films you watch you will never see a hero to rival Jas Kapur.

From Pritpal Sembi, Deputy Head of School of Media, University of Wolverhampton.
I have known Jas for almost 25 years now: first as a student, then as lecturer and finally in my current role as Deputy Head of School of Media. One thing that has remained consistent in all these years is Jas’s warmth, expertise and ‘can do’ attitude. Every single challenge I have thrown at Jas has been delivered with aplomb and his enthusiasm for all things moving image is truly legendary. He is an enthusiastic trailblazer, without whom diverse engagement with moving image culture would be immensely poorer. His pioneering contribution to cinema is rightfully celebrated here, albeit way overdue!
There have been moments in my teaching career where I thought I might literally implode in front of my students due to my own technical deficiencies. Sure enough, Jas was always around to rescue me and retain my professional veneer. Another important characteristic is that he has never been a 9-5 person: so much of what he does extends into his own free time because he is passionate about what he does. In my later role as Head of School he has been instrumental in forging an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship between the University and Light House Media Centre.
Jas has also inspired and motivated many of the students, enhancing the quality of their learning experience. He has been delivering a behind the scenes talk for a few years now, showcasing how the industry operates operationally and technically, from early days of cinema to modern day systems. Our students fed back nothing but praise about how fascinating and informative they have found Jas’s contribution, which provided a tangible example of the theory covered in lectures.
Despite his advanced understanding of projection and technical matters, Jas is able to make the most complex technical matters accessible to the uninitiated. This is one of many reasons why we have increasingly involved him in delivering our BA (Hons) Film & Television Studies degree. He can also work at any level from leadership to ‘on the ground’ technical installation.
There is nothing but praise bestowed upon Jas from every member of the team, current and historical, that has delivered their teaching at Light House. They all value his dependability, high standards, technical prowess and ongoing amiable working relationship.
I am very proud indeed to work with such an important ambassador for all things cinematic. In short: whenever I work on a project and I find out Jas is involved, I rest assured that it will conclude very well indeed!

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