In April 2019 Light House launched a crowdfunder to raise money towards a new website. The current website is 10 years old in 2019 and it’s starting to show, with pictures not working when they should, links breaking and the online booking facility not functioning correctly.

With the help of some brilliant supporters, we raised a grand total of £2800!

We’d like to thank everyone who pledged, but we’d like to acknowledge the following with their agreement:

Julie Rennison
Natasha George
J Valentino
Gemma Scott
Clare Roberts-Malloy
Tom Sheffield
Daisy Gray Kneller-Evans
Helen Knight
Phillip Cooper
Encore Communications
Charlotte Johns
Luke Smith
Ian Brickles
Peter Mansell
Colin Johnson
Saffi Price
Chris Dear
Lyndsay Stallard
Andrea Mann
Louise T
Nicola Edwards

Stay tuned for updates on our progress towards getting that new website up and running!

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