Light House is a much sought after filming location, offering a very unique space set within the

historic victorian Chubb Buildings. It has been used by many production companies and

television crews over the years for a variety of different types of filming projects and popular shows.

These have included Sky Sports, an MTV production, Dinner Date to name a few.

The venue has also been used to air a live debate by Channel 4 News and we have hosted the

BBC Asian Network Comedy Show in our main auditorium. The courtyard area was used for a

long running production of See Hear and continues to draw much interest from television crews

and production companies.

It is a popular location with students, using the spaces for their university projects and own productions,

as well as independent film makers and music video companies such a Ballistic Productions,

who are one of the great business success stories that have emerged from their foundation roots at

Light House and became one of the leading pioneers of this style of media and production.  

Both our auditoria offer a good base for filming in a great cinematic experience setting and the

fabulous architecture of the courtyard is a very inspiring backdrop, with all the different moods

it sets as the lighting changes throughout the day.

Other areas available include our funky cafe bar, balcony and gallery spaces.

For any booking enquiries or for more info please contact Jas Kapur on 01902 716055 or email