We are delighted to announce that Light House has joined the F-Rated revolution!

Developed by FilmBath (previously Bath Film Festival) and now expanding across the UK, the F-Rating is a new film rating which highlights films made by and featuring women.

Any film that answers yes to one of these questions is awarded the F?Rating stamp of approval:

1. Does it have a female director?

2. Is it written by a woman?

If a film answers yes to BOTH these questions AND features significant female characters on screen in their own right, then it is awarded a TRIPLE F-Rating, our gold standard.

The aims of the F-Rating are:

1. To champion women in film and highlight the fantastic work they are doing.

2. To encourage conversation around who tells the stories we see on screen – and whether that matters.

3. To act like a Fairtrade stamp, giving the audience an opportunity to #VoteWithYourSeat, and support women in film.

Look out for films in our programme that feature the F-Rated logo:

You can find out more on Facebook, Twitter or on the F-Rated website