A Joyous Jamaican Conversation

A Joyous Jamaican Conversation

A Joyous Jamaican Conversation

  • 92mins


Back after a sell-out screening in June 2022, Wolverhampton Grand Theatre's first ever self produced film A JOYOUS JAMAICAN CONVERSATION, an in-conversation celebration of Jamaica's Windrush Generation.

This roundtable discussion celebrates a generation of seemingly ordinary people with extraordinary life stories to share, stories of being invited to leave Jamaica to help build a better Britain, of receiving houses and pardners, of hard work and success, of resilience and faith, and of joyous social gatherings and the sights, sounds and flavours of life in Jamaican family homes.

Hosted by Tonia Daley-Campbell, A JOYOUS JAMAICAN CONVERSATION features the personal memories of respected local resident Mr Reuben Campbell, who arrived in Wolverhampton from Jamaica in 1962 to forge a new life, which included running the city's Rising Star Club.

Also joining the conversation are Owen Miller, Ken 'Dread' McLean and Orvil Pinnock, members of Rush Theatre Company, the company behind the acclaimed stage production RUSH - A Joyous Jamaican Journey, who share their parents' stories and their own memories of growing up within the Jamaican community in the Midlands.

Heart warming, honest and uplifting A JOYOUS JAMAICAN CONVERSATION is a celebration of those who arrived from Jamaica and settled locally, and who in the course of changing their own lives, made a contribution that changed British life forever.